National integrity in india

There should be equality among people of all religions and same facility for students of all castes. The juries are appointed by the Directorate of Film Festivals in India.

It is the highest award given for films in India. India is a heterogeneous society. There is a high degree of disintegration exists among Indian people which make a bad present scenario here with communal and other problems.

Therefore, the constitution will contain a declaration of fundamental rights, including the rights of life, personal liberty, security, freedom of movement, freedom of religion, assembly and association including political parties and trade unions, due process and equality before the law, protection from arbitrary deprivation of property or deprivation of private property without just compensation, and freedom from racial, ethnic, religious or sexual discrimination.

India is a country where people from various regions, religions, culture, tradition, race, cast, colour, and creed are living together. The Indian society was and is divided in terms of religion, caste, language and ethnic origin. This plan will include the designation of regroupment and cantonment areas, as well as an agreed timetable.

Problems of National Integration in India – Essay

Various National level event celebrations and National Symbols such as the National Flagthe National Emblem and the National Anthem are also acts as the forces promoting the unity.

While making conscious efforts towards the goals of democracy and socialism, the India national State has not been free of communal clashes. On the completion of regroupment of all forces and of their movement to cantonment areas, respectively, the Commander of the military component of UNTAC will so inform each of the four Parties.

It is the country including all major religions of the world such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, Islam, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism with the varieties in culture, food habits, tradition, costume and social customs.

The great examples of these are the job appointments, political elections and admissions to the educational institutions have involved the caste considerations.

When one group asserts its interests and identity at the cost of another group, the communal divides emerge.

National Integration Essay

For example, Goans are divided on the basis of Konkani and Marathi Languages. As a youth, we are the future of our country so we should fully understand our responsibility towards our nation and do all the required activities needed for the national integration. Politically, India is now a sovereign State.

She got her higher education from the Vishwa Bharati University and Oxford. To this end, Cambodia undertakes:. About INSA.

Importance of National Integration – Essay (For School/College Students)

The Indian National Science Academy (INSA) was established in January with the object of promoting science in India and harnessing scientific knowledge for the cause of humanity and national. Kalyani Group, established in mid s, is an Indian multi-national with high technology, engineering & manufacturing capability across critical sectors such as Engineering Steel, Automotive, Industrial, Renewable Energy, Urban Infrastructure and Specialty end-to-end capability and manufacturing footprint across India, Germany, Sweden, France & North America, the Group has an.

India the integrity of the Indian nation is awfully threatened as the communal quarrels are fanned by the hostile neighbours of India. Hence, the necessity of strong national Integration in India has become so urgent at present. RE.

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