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60 Most Ghetto Names

Chat up - To chat someone up is to try and pick them up. Either way if someone has just cooked you some nosh you might want to call it something else as it is not the nicest word to describe it.

Rather worryingly smeg is also the name of a company that makes ovens!!. Squiffy - This means you are feeling a little drunk.

The Best of British

The amount of sun that heats the Earth depends upon the time of day, time of year, and the latitude of the specific region. Like Robin Williams does a take-off on the British accent - quite well actually.

Presumably this is a problem in New York where there are signs on the streets that say "No Honking". Drop a clanger - When I asked a large lady on the tube if she would like my seat since she was so obviously pregnant, she took the seat then told me she was fat, not pregnant.

Porridge - Doing porridge means to serve time in prison. A kid might pinch a cake from the kitchen. An added advantage is a better understanding of what type of aviation weather to expect in a given area along a route of flight based on the prevailing areas of highs and lows.

Faff - To faff is to dither or to fanny around. I can't stop coming. In the absence of winds aloft information, this rule of thumb allows for a rough estimate of the wind conditions a few thousand feet above the surface.

So "jolly good" would mean very good. We all know someone who likes to whinge about everything. This means a column of air 1-inch square, extending from the surface up to the upper atmospheric limit, weighs about Though you may be waiting on bated breath for your favorite sport on a global scale, white people like the World Cup because it allows them to pretend they are European for a few weeks, and more importantly, it allows them to get drunk at odd hours.

But Mom, All the Cool PPL Say “ppl”!

My father was always shouting "bugger" when he was working in the garage or garden. Prat - Yet another mildly insulting name for someone. This means being put in prison with no release date. It is said as a question. My father always used to say "Oh Sod.

Our version of your bathroom. It is not something you eat. Civilian clothes that is, rather than your uniform. Bugger - This is another fairly unique word with no real American equivalent. Anyway, it is now quite trendy to say that something which is total crap is "pants".

At the top of the stratosphere is another boundary known as the stratopause, which exists at approximatelyfeet.

Twix Apple Fluff Salad

Just a friendly way of saying goodbye. Willy - Another word for penis. Shambolic - In a state of chaos. The following page is designed to help pilots acquire the background knowledge of aviation weather principles necessary to develop sound decision making skills relating to weather.

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Hi PrincessSlideMermaid, 'Dark hair' could mean brown or black hair. They also say 'he had brown hair'. But I can see what you mean because some of the other men have darker hair than the correct one.

I always like the creativity found in billboards. Most of them will capture your attention, whether driving on the road or walking along the train station.

Comment by Raidei This is one of the new mounts added in It is obtainable only by fishing in Northrend Pools and according to GM comments it has a very, very low drop rate.

Cool ppl
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