A biography of louis armstrong an american singer

The Cotton Club closed in after a long downward spiral, and many musicians stopped playing altogether as club dates evaporated.

It did not gain as much notice in the U.

Louis Armstrong Biography

He became one of the most popular jazz musicians in New Orleans. He listened to the music of local musicians such as Kid Ory and his idol, King Oliver. Bookings for big bands tapered off during the s due to changes in public tastes: Armstrong had gained sufficient individual notice to make his recording debut as a leader on November 12, Many broadcast announcers, fans, and acquaintances called him "Louie" and in a videotaped interview from Lucille Armstrong calls her late husband "Louie" as well.

Louis Daniel Armstrong

He did return to New Orleans periodically. The band drew the Hollywood crowd, which could still afford a lavish night life, while radio broadcasts from the club connected with younger audiences at home. Handy and Fats Waller. He enjoyed listening to his own recordings, and comparing his performances musically.

During the marriage Smith became the highest-paid black entertainer of the day, heading her own shows, which sometimes featured as many as 40 troupers, and touring in her own custom-built railroad car.

After a tour across the country shadowed by the mob, he fled to Europe. With his great sensitivity, technique, and capacity to express emotion, Armstrong not only ensured the survival of jazz but led in its development into a fine art.

Albert was from Boutte, Louisianaand gave birth at home when she was about sixteen. Though his own bands usually played in a more conservative style, Armstrong was the dominant influence on the swing era, when most trumpeters attempted to emulate his inclination to dramatic structure, melody, or technical virtuosity.

The days of elaborate vaudeville shows were over, but Smith continued touring and occasionally sang in clubs. William Armstrong abandoned the family shortly after.

His scat singing style was enriched by his matchless experience as a trumpet soloist. He embarked on his first European tour since in Februaryand thereafter toured regularly around the world. She was then living in Philadelphia, when she met Jack Gee, a security guard, whom she married on June 7,just as her first record was being released.

To distinguish them from other hawkers, he tried playing a tin horn to attract customers. Hardin, who would become the second of his three wives, persuaded Armstrong to work independently aroundhe had switched from the cornet to the trumpet. At twenty, he could read music. Cyr noted, "One felt so relaxed working with him, and he was very broad-minded Louis Armstronghand-colored etching by Adi Holzer Armstrong often stated that he was born on July 4, He made his film debut in Ex-Flame, released at the end of Because Chicago was then a thriving city, it offered much scope for musicians and other entertainers.

Inshe appeared in a Broadway musical, Pansy.

Bessie Smith

From this period Armstrong performed mainly popular Louis Armstrong. His agent Johnny Collins's erratic behavior and his own spending ways left Armstrong short of cash. Watch video · Louis Armstrong was a trumpeter, bandleader, singer, soloist, film star and comedian.

Considered one of the most influential artists in jazz history, he is known for songs like "Star Dust," "La. Louis Armstrong Biography by William Ruhlmann The most important and influential musician in jazz history, and one of the leading singers and entertainers from the.

African American jazz musician and singer L ouis Armstrong was a famous jazz trumpet player and singer. He is regarded as one of the most important and influential musicians in the history of jazz music. Louis Armstrong Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. Louis Armstrong was not only famous for his colorful and charismatic personality but also as one of the most talented American singer and jazz douglasishere.com his powerful, gravelly voice, improvisation skills and a career that spanned five decades from the s all the way to the s, Louis.

Louis Armstrong [1] – Jazz trumpet player, singer At a Glance [2] Noted for Roles in Musical Films [3] Achieved Posthumous Recognition Worldwide [4] Selected discography [5] Sources [6] Louis Armstrong [7] is frequently regarded by critics as the greatest jazz performer ever. Watch video · In honor of the 45th anniversary of Armstrong's death, we explore the impact the trumpeter had on jazz and the general landscape of American music.

Louis Armstrong, who was born Aug. 4,

A biography of louis armstrong an american singer
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